We work closely with each client to understand their risk tolerance, return objectives, liquidity needs, current portfolio allocation, tax implications and time horizon.

Our asset allocation incorporates a global universe of asset classes with significant exposure at all levels to alternative investments and factor tilts (momentum, value, low volatility).  We utilize low cost, tax efficient ETFs for the majority of our asset class exposure, however we incorporate best of breed managers who have demonstrated significant investment edge over full market cycles.

By leveraging our relationships in capital markets, real estate and private equity as part of an asset allocation plan we may utilize: 

  • customized portfolio hedging

  • specialized separate account liquid alternative strategies

  • commercial real estate  

  • alternative income projects from solar farms with long term utility purchase agreements

  • mezzanine debt in real estate and private companies 

Your investment portfolio is continually monitored and re-evaluated.  Ongoing and frequent communication is supplemented by regularly scheduled meetings and a comprehensive review no less than annually as well as whenever you inform us if a significant change in your objectives.  You will recieve detailed reporting, including statements and customized performance reports.




The bedrock of our asset allocation process, philosophically aligned with our stand alone strategies,  is to significantly decrease the risk of significant loss and preserve wealth. To achieve this we offer the option of a the Evolution Dynamic Allocation portion of the portfolio through which the client assign any amount of the portfolio.  

While this may introduce some tracking error relative to the asset allocation benchmark on a yearly basis, the Dynamic Allocation has shown to greatly reduce significant drawdowns resulting in greater wealth creation and client confidence in achieving their investment goals and more importantly the peace of mind they long for.


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click to view return with 50% Dynamic Allocation


Utilizing the Evolution Dynamic Allocation Option introduces tracking error relative to the benchmark, however this results in potentially better long term risk reward performance.

This Chart demonstrates (1) a typical 60% Global Equity and
40% US Bond Market portfolio performance and (2) the same portfolio with a 50% Evolution Dynamic Allocation.